When the arrival of the latest Apple gadget was announced, the first thing I thought about is: how much is iPhone 5? Considering that the iPhone 5 boasts of major improvements over the iPhone 4, it stands to reason that Apple will be placing a higher cost to this latest gadget. As usual, I had to set aside some of my cash in anticipation of the gadget – just in case it’s worth it.

How Much Is iPhone 5?

How Much Is iPhone 5?Apple’s older products have been priced above the market, making it hard for most of the people I know to purchase the products. The good news is that if people would look closely, Apple has already realized the error of their ways and made moves to offer their products at a more affordable cost. This has become evident with the release of the iPhone 4 that had the price set at a reasonable amount for the average buyer. In fact, most of my friends have commented that the iPhone 4 didn’t cost them a leg and an arm this time. Up front though, you’ll be paying around $199 for the handset. Although this is far from the mainstream price of various other mobile phone brands, the current cost of the iPhone 5 is fairly acceptable.

How Much Is iPhone 5 and How to Save on Purchase?

It’s possible for you to save some cash even with the iPhone 5 in your current shopping list. As already mentioned, Apple has made it possible for the iPhone 5 to be bought without shelling out big bucks for the privilege. Possibly the best way I know to get an iPhone 5 would be signing up a contract through one of the providers. This usually means agreeing to a lock in period that spans roughly 2 years or 24 months which is good enough for me. Some providers can give a model update in case you’re already one of their subscribers – but for an additional cost of course.

Of course, don’t forget the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales wherein practically everything is on sale. If you missed that, then that would be a shame since some iPhone 5’s are being sold for less. With the upcoming holidays, there’s a good chance that sellers would also be slashing some of the prices off the iPhone 5 to give way for the giving season.

Personally, I’m more excited of the different accessories of the iPhone 5 which will also be on sale come the holidays. Considering how expensive the accessories are, you should be able to save a great deal on the different attachments and applications for the smart phone.


Is it Worth It?

How Much Is iPhone 5?The handset doesn’t really bear much difference to the iPhone 4 in terms of aesthetics. It’s longer and slimmer but those are the most obvious differences. As for the running operating system however, the differences are fairly obvious. Personally speaking, I really like the improvements on the iPhone 5 and believe them to be worth the cost. It’s still bound for more improvements however, especially on the disappointing Apple Maps. For those who want to find out how much is iPhone 5 right now and how much the need to pay upfront, visit any online store.

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